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Maj Janežič


A unique experience

Food has a unique power of connecting people, however cooking is not for everyone. Maybe you don't feel like going out, or that visiting a restaurant is not the best option in these turbulent times, but would still like to enjoy a good meal. Perhaps you would like to treat your guests with a dinner they will never forget or just invite them to a location that is more suitable for the occasion than public places? Either way, booking a private chef seems like a right choice. You get to entertain your guests, careless of preparation, service and cleaning - it does not get much better.
Prepared with local and seasonally available ingredients, dishes are full of fresh flavours. Meals can range from five to ten courses, accompanied with pairings of best Slovenian wines. Menu is discussed and set prior to the event, catering for all your preferences and possible allergies. Service includes all the ingredients, their preparation, accompanying wines, tableware, service and final cleaning. If you enjoy learning new cooking techniques we can organize your event as a cooking class where you and your guests get to prepare your own, restaurant quality dishes.

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Sky is the limit

Booking a service like this can consist of a variety of options: different occasions call for diverse solutions. It could be as simple as a dinner for you and your family in a privacy of your own home, or go as far as having a personal chef for longer time periods. As food and business go hand in hand you could require a more formal setting and add special ingredients or wines to leave an even bigger impression on your guests. If you have difficulties finding an appropriate location for your event or require extra services such as event design, gear rental, sound and light, hostesses and artists, do not hesitate to contact us.